Wedding dress comes first and then comes the groom

When good fortune comes, it comes by chance, and this proved to be true for Julie Sasser, a project manager for Verizon.

Sasser had impulsively entered into a contest at the North Hills Mall, Texas, with the hope of winning a diamond necklace as the first prize. Though she did not win he first prize she managed to clinch the runners up gift that offered a gift certificate for $500 from a nearby bridal boutique. This gift though being attractive was not perfectly suitable for this 51 year old divorcee.

She was a bit unsure about that gift as she did not have anyone in her life then. She first thought of donating her gift to any charitable organization like the Wounded Warrior Project. However she then thought that if the soldiers family was unable to afford a gown her certificate would not be of any added help to the. Therefore with certain doubts in her mind she went to the boutique to claim her prize.

Luckily the boutique offered flexibility in choice and she therefore chose a off-white chiffon party dress.  When the dress arrived she realized that a few alterations were needed but she did not pay much heed and kept it in here closet. This wedding dress may have been her lucky charm as within weeks after she had picked up the dress, she met the right man. It was at her friends engagement party that she interacted with Tim Sasser, who was a retired wild life officer. They spoke publicly and then privately. They were soon engaged and the wedding dress was ready beforehand. In fact Julie finally walked down the aisle led by her 12 year old son while her mother was the maid of honor.

This wedding dress that came by chance brought luck and probably helped her in finding the perfect partner of her life.

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